Chain data at extreme speeds and awesome composability

A core developer on The Graph, StreamingFast integrates Firehose and Substreams into all blockchains. Process whole networks in 5 minutes. Compose upon other people’s indexes and data models permissionlessly.
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Substreams is a powerful, blockchain-agnostic, parallelized and streaming-first engine, serving as a blockchain data transformation layer. Powered by the Firehose, it ​​enables developers to write Rust modules, build upon community modules, provides extremely high-performance indexing and sink your data anywhere. With Substreams, you will never look back to using a plain RPC API!


You can stack Substreams modules like LEGO blocks, and build upon community modules, further refining public data.

High-performance indexing

Orders of magnitude faster indexing through large-scale cluster of parallel operations (think BigQuery)

Sink anywhere

Sink your data to anywhere you want: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Kafka, subgraphs, flat files, Google sheets. Sky's the limit!


Use code to customize extraction, do transformation-time aggregations, and model your output for multiple sinks.
Plus all the benefits of the Firehose.
Solana Full Block Without Vote Transactions Solana DEX Trades Ethereum Full Block Uniswap v3 Token Prices ERC-20 Balance Changes

For data consumers data analysts

For core blockchain developers

For indexers

Projects building on Substreams
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The Firehose is a blockchain data extraction layer designed from scratch to process the full history of blockchains at speeds that were previously unseen. Providing a files-based and streaming-first approach, it is a core component of StreamingFast’s suite of open-source technologies and the foundation for Substreams.

Lowest latency & no polling

In a streaming-first fashion, the Firehose nodes are designed to race to push out the block data first.

Prevents downtimes

Designed from the ground up for High Availability.

Never miss a beat

The Firehose stream cursor is designed to handle forks and to continue where you left off in any condition.

Richest data model 

Best data model that includes the balance changes, the full call tree, internal transactions, logs, storage changes, gas costs and more.

Leverages flat files

Blockchain data is extracted into flat files, the cheapest and most optimized computing resource available.

For indexers

For core protocol developers