World’s experts at processing and indexing blockchain data
StreamingFast is foremost one of the world’s experts at processing and indexing blockchain data. Its core innovations, the Firehose and Substreams, are files-based and streaming-first approach that enables high-performance indexing on high throughput chains.
Launched in 2018 and originally backed by top investors, StreamingFast embarked on a journey towards becoming a fully employee-owned enterprise. This pivotal transformation was made possible through a core developer grant from The Graph in June 2021.
As a core developer on The Graph, StreamingFast is integrating its Firehose and Substreams products into The Graph stack, enabling extremely high-performance indexing and opening up the protocol to serving a wide range of exciting new data use cases.
Beyond its involvement with The Graph, StreamingFast also incubates projects with its partner Diagram Ventures and invests in early stage companies with a focus on infrastructure.
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