A Reliable Solana Data Stream

StreamingFast makes getting Solana data easy.
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How StreamingFast helps

Solana is a developer-friendly chain designed for high throughput and low fees, making it a market leader for web3 builders looking to scale quickly.


StreamingFast provides the most reliable Solana infrastructure, with an uptime of nearly 99.99% and a cursor in place, guaranteeing your dapps reliability.

Fast transaction and instruction feed

StreamingFast provides a live feed of confirmed blocks so that Solana developers will never miss a beat and can plan to seamlessly handle increasing user demand.


With a parallelized engine, our data is infinitely scalable and can be composed to provide a solution to any of your indexing needs on Solana.

StreamingFast has been a game-changer for our team, enabling us to navigate through the immense volumes of Solana data with unprecedented ease.

Before StreamingFast, deriving insights from such a vast dataset was a daunting task. Their cutting-edge technology not only streamlined our infrastructure but also proved to be an exceptionally reliable engine for handling data at a petabyte scale. We’ve seen a significant transformation in how we process information, making it possible to unlock valuable insights that were previously out of reach. StreamingFast has truly set a new standard for data processing efficiency and reliability.
Deepak Khatri
CTO at TopLedger