Substreams and Firehose pricing
Simple, transparent pricing

Community Plan

Capped to 1TiB/month
Community support on Discord
Backed by 10 parallel Substreams workers


Volume discount
Dedicated Compute Resources
Account Manager
Service Level Agreement
Priority support
Guaranteed response times
Increased parallel workers
* 3TiB is sufficient to process Ethereum mainnet in full for a low to medium complexity Substreams module

Frequently asked questions

How do you calculate billable bytes for Firehose and Substreams?
Billable bytes are computed differently in Firehose and Substreams. In Firehose, billable bytes consists of all egress bytes (i.e. the bytes consumed by the client). In Substreams, billable bytes consists of all the bytes that are read from our backend storage while executing the Substreams.