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Senior Go Engineer (Distributed Data Systems), Presence

How to apply
If you love to get stuff done and are passionate about shaping the future of blockchain, read the job details and get in touch!

Location: Montreal, Canada

About StreamingFast

StreamingFast is a cutting-edge technology firm, a core developer on The Graph, revolutionizing the way blockchain data is processed and analyzed. We specialize in integrating Firehose and Substreams (our two flagship products) into all blockchains, enabling users to process entire networks in less than 5 minutes. Our platform empowers users to compose upon other people's indexes and data models, fostering a more open and collaborative space. Launched in 2018 and originally backed by top investors, StreamingFast embarked on a journey towards becoming a fully employee-owned enterprise. This pivotal transformation was made possible through a core developer grant from The Graph in June 2021.

Alongside this work, StreamingFast is the technology power behind Boolean Labs.

Boolean Labs is a forward-thinking web3 and AI venture studio. We specialize in building new tech companies from the ground up in the realms of crypto, web3, and AI, including applications based on Large Language Models (LLMs). By pairing innovative ideas with experienced operators and providing essential capital, we're at the forefront of driving growth and scale in these cutting-edge technologies. Boolean Labs is a collaboration between Diagram Ventures, a $300M venture studio in Montreal, and StreamingFast, a group of web3 builders, investors, and core developers of The Graph protocol. Our unique position at the intersection of blockchain and AI technology sets us apart in creating transformative solutions.

In our quest to innovate, we offer exciting opportunities for talented individuals to make a significant impact in the blockchain and LLM industry. This might sound like buzzwords only, but do reach out to us nonetheless, you'll see we aren't kidding around.

What we value

  • Speed of execution through great tooling and proper testing
  • Simplicity and cutting the cruft
  • Voracious learning that does not stop until you've grasped the full stack
  • Collision of ideas to produce better ideas
  • Team work over our individual success

What you'll do

As a Senior Go (Golang) Developer, you will be working at designing, developing and deploying distributed data systems in the blockchain world. You will need to dig deep, contribute to our scheduling engine, optimize data flows, write indexing strategies.

You also will be exposed to lots of blockchain data and protocols, lots of consensus algorithms, and you will need to dig pretty deep into each.

You will join our deeply experienced senior engineers, and take on some of our toughest challenges.

This is not work for the faint of heart. Diligence, grit, rigour and attention to details are must haves.


  • Design and implement scalable and robust distributed data processing systems using Go.
  • Work closely with our CTO, Engineering Director, and other senior engineers to define feature specifications and build the next generation of products and features.
  • Lead the development of critical system components, ensuring high performance and reliability.
  • Promote a culture of excellence
  • Continuously evaluate and incorporate new technologies to improve our own

Who you are

We are seeking a candidate who possesses the following qualifications and qualities:

Minimum requirements

  • Around 15 years of engineering experience, with a focus on strong software development practices.
  • 5+ years of experience in proficient Go (Golang) software design, with a solid understanding of its strengths and ecosystem.
  • Experience with distributed systems, databases, and cloud services (databases, cloud-native systems, micro-services, etc..)
  • Strong foundation in algorithms, data structures, and system design.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.

Preferred qualifications

  • French speaking is a plus
  • Experience writing in Rust a plus
  • Experience with reading Rust, C++
  • Experience with TypeScript and React interesting if you want

Pay and benefits

  • Competitive salary and benefits package, details of which will vary based on location and can be discussed during the interview process.
  • Benefits may include equity, bonuses, health benefits, and wellness stipends.

Join StreamingFast and Boolean Labs, and be at the forefront of blockchain technology, as well as get your hands dirty with applied AI applications.